For the most updated information please read the Changelog available in the x86_64 repository.

This project is based on Slackware-Current if you would like a port for Slackware 15.0 please
email or reach out to me on Discord at the information below.

I have removed alot of the source code in all these directories. Due to switching over to rsync.
The rsync server is rsync://
This is a prefered download of the Gnome 42 repository. Also as like before there is the build-gnome.txt file
that you download and rename to, after changing the name you can sh
which will produce binary packages.

For more information please Click on The Wiki page

It also works great with slackpkg+, just add this to your slackpkgplus.conf:

If you have any question's I can be reached on Discord at N4t3R or by email at
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